Madalina Ababei - Photo Specialization

Hi, I'm Madalina,
Or maybe I should say "hi, I'm a lucky girl" because my job is my greatest passion! I use photography to tell stories and create links with other people.
If you're looking for a photographer to come to your wedding, make you pose, take a few shots and go away, I'm not the right person for you.
I take a few photos in pose, I prefer the natural shots in reportage style, so you can enjoy the day and live it fully without having to worry about putting yourself in the right poses. I also want to create a relationship with each married couple, I want to understand how you are and what you have, so you can offer exactly what you need.

Luigi Castagna - Videography Specialization

Born July 4, 1992 (Salerno, Italy) . Has an extreme attention to detail, engaging storylines, and astounding visuals, the delivery man are seamlessly intertwining imagination and imagery. Exploring the elements between mind and image, music and sound, concept and execution. Luigi Castagna is a new generation artist who offers customers a way to break the mold and rekindle creativity when it comes to his brand.